Fine art weddings and elopements

Chicago, The midwest and wherever...

-Lover of dogs (the goofier the better)
-Vocals/Guitars/Drums for way
too many bands over the years
-Avid camera nerd and 35mm film fanatic
-I have my favorite lens tattooed on my arm 
(Sometimes I swear I can see in black and white)

I'm Aaron, and I use way too many exclamation points. Sorry! I'm a fine art wedding and documentary photographer based in Chicago.

Hats. all day. everyday.


This is my best
friend ruckus 

Cliff notes

How ever you found me
I'm glad you found me

A few important
truths in my world

In short - be nice (or GTFO)

 Black Lives Matter.
Trans Rights are Human Rights.
Practice kindness.
Love is love.


be the prop

Black & White Booth



you do you.
whoever and however
you are.